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This is a species list only and is not intended to be used for identification All snakes may bite and should be left alone. Images from Magnetic Island unless otherwise specified. Live Snakes should not be identified from photographs


Common Names
Other Confirmed Sources
Locality, notes

Images/species reports


Boidae (Pythons)


Antaresia maculosa

Spotted Python Y,Y, Non-venomous Nelly Bay, Bolger Bay, Bright Point. Horseshoe Bay. Potentially island-wide Image
Morelia spilota Carpet Snake, Carpet Python Y,Y Non-venomous Horseshoe Bay, Nelly Bay, Picnic Bay, Arcadia. Potentially island-wide image NEW PIC
Morelia amethistina Amethystine Python   Non-venomous. Very r arely seen image
Colubridae (Colubrids) Boiga irregularis

Brown Tree Snake Y,Y,Y Venomous West Point, Horseshoe Bay, Arcadia, Nelly Bay. Potentially island-wide imageNew Pics March 2009
Dendrelaphis punctulatus Green Tree Snake, Common Tree Snake Y,Y,Y Non-venomous Picnic Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Arcadia, Nelly Bay. Usually distinct yellow belly on Magnetic Island.Common.Potentially island-wide image NEW PIC
Tropidonophis mairii Freshwater Snake Y, Non-venomous Nelly Bay, Very rarely seen  
Elapidae (Elapids)

Acanthophis antarcticus

Common Death Adder, Death Adder Y,Y,Y Highly venomous Horseshoe Bay, Arcadia, Bolger Bay, Nelly Bay. Potentially island-wide image NEW PIC June 09
Cacophis churchilli Northern Crowned Snake   Mildly venomous Nelly Bay.Rarely seen Image NEW PIC
Demansia torquata Collared Whip Snake Y,Y,Y Mildly venomous Arcadia, Cockle Bay, Bright Point, Forts, Potentially island-wide images
Demansia vestigiata Black Whip Snake Y,Y


Arcadia, Nelly Bay. Potentially island-wide image
Furina ornata Orange-naped Snake Y,Y,Y Mildly venomous Gustav Creek, Bolger Bay, West Point, Rarely seen.  
Typhlopidae (Blind Snakes) Ramphotyphlops polygrammicus Blind Snake Y, Non-venomous West Point Rd., Very rarely seen  

Hydrophiidae (Sea Snakes)

(included as can be encountered on tidal flats, as may other species of sea snakes can be distinguished by "paddle" tail)

Hydrophis elegans
  Y,Y Highly venomous Florence Bay image
Lapemis curtus          

Acrochordidae (File Snakes) marine

(will enter mangroves and freshwater,can be distinguished by very loose skin)

Acrochordus granulatus Little FileSnake   Non-venomous Young Bay  

Snake identification is best left to experts and they should never be identified from colour alone, especially from photographs as colours can vary widely. Go to wildlife care page for telephone numbers regarding snake identification and removal

All snakes are protected species and should be treated with respect.

A good web source for more specialized information is James Cook University's (JCU) Herpetology page at


    Information source colour codes
    JCU -Gustav Creek Catchment Report and
    Queensland Museum * various sources but venom and biting information taken from 'Wildlife of Tropical Far North Queensland'
    Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service records
    Observed/confirmed by author
    E. Vanderduys
Other References  
Couper, P., Covacevich, J., Amey, A., 2000, in 'Wildlife of Tropical Far North Queensland', Editors Ryan, M. and Burwell, C., Queensland Museum Publication :203-233.  
Cogger, H.,1988, Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia,Reed Books,Australia.  
Wison, S.and Knowles, D.,2000,Australia's Reptiles,Collins,Australia  




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