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The costs of running and maintaining a website, like everything else, are not cheap.We have always been determined not to be a commercial site with ads everywhere and remain non-profit. Eventually we hope to publish books on wildlife to help support the site.

In the meantime however we have been selling our own and donated goods on sites such as ebay which carry their own costs. Now we are hosting a site for a group of collectors (as we are all mad collectors ourselves) to sell their overflow and listing items ourselves also. Sellers here will pay a fee which, hopefully will allow us to maintain the site for well into the future

Please click on theS4SPACE on Ebay Logo below the pics and if there is something that takes your fancy, remember you are supporting Magnetic Island Wildlife Site and s4space.



  • Below is just a sample of our collectors eclectic tastes
  • Retro to Deco and more.........
  • Special pages to learn more about collectables
  • Please enjoy looking:-)
  • Support s4space -Magnetic Island Wildlife Site


















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