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This is a compiled species list only and is not intended to be used for identificationLizards may bite and should be left alone. Images from Magnetic Island unless otherwise specified. Reptiles should not be identified from photographs or by colour, males and females may differ greatly. Keys should be used to identify reptiles.



Common Names

(where no common name exists the genus common name has been used)

Other Confirmed Sources
Locality known (most probably exist elsewhere on the island)

Images/species reports

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Gehyra dubia

Tree Dtella,Common Dtella Y,Y,Y,Y, Gustav Creek,Arcadia,Picnic Bay  
*Hemidactylus frenatus Asian Gecko, House Gecko Y,Y Probably all bays,  
Heteronotia binoei Bynoe's gecko,Binoe's gecko Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Arcadia,Bolger Bay, Horseshoe Bay  
Lepidodactylus lugubris Mourning gecko Y probably all bays this is a pacific area gecko and some consider it introduced, the earliest record is in the 19C and as it inhabits coconut palms it may be self-introduced

Oedura monilis/Oedura ocellata

Velvet gecko Y,Y,Y,Y Bolger Bay, Horseshoe Bay, Arcadia Can be confused with O. castlenaui which is not verified for Magnetic Island


(legless lizards)

Delma labialis
striped-tailed delma,single-striped delma Y,Y Nelly Bay,West Point,Cockle Bay  
Lialis burtonis Burton's legless Lizard Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Horseshoe Bay, Bolger Bay,Picnic Bay,Arcadia  



Anomalopus gowi Worm skink Y Horseshoe Bay,Horseshoe Bay; Mt Cook  
Carlia foliorum (formerly Lygisaurus)
Rainbow skink Y,Y Bright Point,Arcadia  
Carlia pectoralis
Rainbow skink Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Arcadia,Bolger Bay,Nelly Bay,Horseshoe Bay  
Carlia rhomboidalis Rainbow skink Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Arcadia, Nelly bay, Horseshoe Bay Bch.,  

Carlia schmeltzii

Rainbow skink Y,Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek, Arcadia,Bolger Bay, Nelly Bay, Picnic Bay,Horseshoe Bay  
Cryptoblepharus litoralis Beachrock skink Y,Y,Y Geoffrey Bay, Arcadia Pt.,Arcadia barge landing; Nelly Harbour; northern beaches and rocks,Horseshoe Bay These two species are very similar ,differing in their underfoot colour and texture (Couper et al 2000). Litoralis is found in the littoral zone to sea edge and will swim.

Cryptoblepharus plagiocephalus

Y 5spec.,Victoria Museum Horseshoe Bay

Cryptoblepharus virgatus


Striped fence skink Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Arcadia, Nelly Bay, Horseshoe Bay  
Ctenotus eutaenius
Striped skink
Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Horseshoe Bay  
Ctenotus robustus
Robust ctenotus, robust skink Y,Y,Y,Y Arcadia, Horseshoe hills,West Point, Picnic Bay,Bright Point,Nelly Bay, Horseshoe Bay  

Ctenotus taeniolatus

Striped skink original source only QM -1 spec.    
Eulamprus sokosoma Bar-sided skink Y, Y Nelly Bay, Gustav Creek Rocky areas
Glaphyromorphus punctulatus Y Horseshoe Bay, Nelly Bay  
Lampropholis delicata Garden skink original source only Nelly Bay  
Lampropholis mirabilis
Sun skink Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Arcadia,Florence Bay, Horseshoe Bay,West Point,Nelly Bay Only TNQ Townsville vicinity.
Menetia sadlieri Dwarf skink Y Nelly Bay,Cockle Bay, Arcadia Only Magnetic Island
Morethia taeniopleura
Fire-tailed skink Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Bolger Bay; Florence Bay,Horseshoe Bay  
Tiliqua scincoides Eastern blue-tongued lizard, Blue-tongued skink Y,Y,Y,Y Gustav Creek,Endeavour Cr.,Horseshoe Bay,Picnic Bay  



Varanus semiremex Rusty monitor Y, West Point Road area, Cockle Bay; Bolger Bay; Balding Bay  
Varanus tristis Black-tailed monitor,Freckled monitor Y,Y,Y,Y Nelly Bay to Arcadia track,Bolger Bay ,Picnic Bay,Arcadia, Horseshoe Bay  
*Varanus varius

lace monitor


one specimen escaped captivity

Horseshoe Bay escaped in Horseshoe Bay - if sighted please notify QPWS on 47785378
Goanna sightings can be reported to this website to aid in population distribution studies

* Introduced or escaped captivity

The sources sighted here are all reliable however, when there is no second verified source (Y), or extant museum specimen,the possibility of mis-identification should be allowed for.

All lizards native here are protected species and should be treated with respect and left alone.

A good web source for more specialized information is James Cook University's (JCU) Herpetology page at


  Information source colour codes
  JCU -Gustav Creek Catchment Report and
  Queensland Museum * various sources inc.'Wildlife of Tropical Far North Queensland'and museum specimen lists
  Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service official records
  Observed/confirmed by author
  E. Vanderduys
  Low, Tim., (1978)The Reptiles of Magnetic Island
Other References  
Couper, P., Covacevich, Janetzi, H, McDonald, K.., 2000, in Wildlife of Tropical Far North Queensland, Editors Ryan, M. and Burwell, C., Queensland Museum Publication :203-233.  
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