The aim of this website is to provide a virtual space where comprehensive information on the wildlife of Magnetic Island can (hopefully) be found, shared and discussed.

At present information and illustration of and about the island's native inhabitants is spread thin, sorted by specific group interest ie birds or mammals and is not readily accessable under this heading or is simply not available.

The first priority will be to provide species lists and info that are as comprehensive as possible and compiled from as many reliable sources as can be found and collated.This will be an ever-growing and expanding site as needs are identified. Just click on index to enter

This site is a not for profit site to benefit education about and care for the wildlife on Magnetic Island for the community as a whole. All contributions of wildlife information and photographs are welcome. Enquires to s4space1@gmail.com

Please be kind enough not target the email addresses on this site for junkmail - we are non profit and it causes unneeded problems

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This website is dedicated to the memory of Garry L. Werran - a true inspiration to all

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