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All information here has been verified by fieldwork as part of the Magnetic Island Frog Project which itself, was part of post-graduate studies at James Cook University. The links in the column with this name are to scientific species reports that are informative and contain more pictures, also prepared as part of this project. Just pic your frog and click on the .




Scientific Name Common Names Confirmed Sources Distribution Image Notes Magnetic Island Frog Project








Litoria caerulea

Common Green Tree Frog





Images/report large colour variation from grey, grey/brown through most shades of green
Litoria bicolor

Northern Dwarf Tree Frog


Y populated lowlands Image Very similar to Litoria fallax
Litoria fallax Eastern Dwarf Tree Frog Y,Y. populated lowlands Image Very similar to Litoria bicolor
Litoria gracilenta

Graceful Tree Frog


Y Gustav Creek, Horseshoe Bay lagoon Image
new pics 02/09

Litoria lesueuri see Litoria wilcoxii

Lesueur's Frog, Stoney Creek Frog


Gustav Creek Image See Litoria wilcoxii
Litoria nasuta

Rocket Frog, Striped Rocket Frog


Y,Y Gustav Creek Image
Litoria rothii Red-eyed Tree Frog, Roths Tree Frog, Maniacal Laughing Frog Y,Y.

Horseshoe Bay Lagoon, West Point -main concentration



Usually calls from trees above water

Can vary greatly in colour

Litoria rubella Desert Tree Frog Y,Y.Y populated lowlands Image
  Litoria wilcoxii (formerly Litoria lesueuri) Stoney Creek Frog Y Gustav Creek.West Point, Arcadia Image Litoria lesueuri was split into separate species, the species present on Magnetic Island is most likely Litoria wilcoxii (E. Vanderduys pers. comm)
  Limnodynastes ornatus (Opisthodon ornatus) Ornate Burrowing Frog Y,Y. Lowlands island-wide Image
  Uperoleia mimula

Mimic toadlet


Y rare lowland areas Image
  Bufonidae (introduced pest)    
  Bufo marinus

Cane Toad


Y,Y,Y. lowlands island-wide Image    

Last Updated 30/01/09

    Text reference colour codes
    Queensland Museum
    EPA -Environmental Protection Agency
    Magnetic Island National Parks and Wildlife Service
    Tyler, M,. 1994.Australian Frogs,b Reed Books
    Observed/confirmed by author
    Confirmed E. Vanderduys
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