• Uninjured, trapped and deceased animals should be reported to 47581624 for advice and/or retrieval.
  • Help with injured or orphaned wildlife on Magnetic Island can be received by calling Magnetic Island Fauna Care Organization on 0427 918 130.

  • Snake removal can be organised by calling 47581624.
  • Currently, the Townsville based organisation "The North Queensland Wildlife Care Inc. provides Basic Training courses on wildlife care.
    Expressions of interest in these trainings please contact 0414 717374.
  • The vet in Nelly Bay will deal with emergency injury cases. If you have transport take the injured animal straight to the Vet surgery. Please call the surgery on 4778 5977 and notify them of your impending arrival and what your emergency is. If you have no transport and need further advice please call MIFCO on 0427 918 130.

  • Any other queries can be emailed to info@s4space.com.au


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